We are proud to have been working in the health sector since 2001, delivering a wide range of innovative programmes with public and private health organisations, supporting them to nurture cultures that deliver high-quality, continuously improving, safe and compassionate health care.

TPC Health has pioneered coaching training for the healthcare sector, is leading on the development of health coaching and the clinical application of coaching within health and social care systems, and has extensive experience of partnering with health and care organisations to enhance leadership and organisational development capability.

Our work is guided by our core values to support organisations to create sustainable solutions - and enable leaders at all levels to take charge of their own learning and development agenda in support of better patient outcomes.

Our team combines health and social care professionals and leadership development experts with business experience that understand the challenges facing the health and social care sectors in the 21st century.

Our services include:

Coaching skills development
- Coaching for health
- Coaching for social care
- Coaching for clinicians
- Coaching for clinical supervisors

Leadership development
- Leadership in healthcare
- Clinical leadership development
- Leadership skills development

Team development
- Clinical team leadership
- Clinical team development
- Clinical team coaching

Partnership and community development
- Co-productive leadership
- Improving patient experience
- Volunteer development

Practitioner development
- Practitioner wellbeing
- Practitioner resilience
- Meaning and purpose in healthcare

- Leadership consulting
- Supporting service design
- Supporting quality improvement

Clinical Coaching Service
- Resilience
- Recovery
- Lifestyle change
- Work/Life balance
- Long term condition management

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